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Christmas ball patterns are from the book Julekuler by Arne & Carlos, Norwegian knitwear designers

YARN JUNGLE: Gnomes and balls from scrap yarn

by luminen, via Flickr

luminen's mara in oak

jacket with back pleat -

Ravelry: Mix No. 31 pattern by Lori Versaci

Mix No. 31 pattern by Lori Versaci

I'm SOOOOOO making this!! And if you copy this girls pattern (as opposed to the original) she uses size 11 needles, and you'll knit it up SUPER fast! :). The pattern is 6 dollars.

Ravelry: samlamb's stormy katrine

Ravelry: Drachenfels pattern by Melanie Berg. Here be dragons, or so says the legend – though when you climb Drachenfels today you’ll find only the ruins of an ancient stronghold. Stave off the chill wind with this cosy shawl, which pays homage to the dragon of lore with a slipped garter colorwork pattern that hints of scales. Asymmetrical increases create an elongated triangle shape, and Rosy Green Wool’s Cheeky Merino Joy will keep you toasty warm.

Drachenfels pattern by Melanie Berg

Simplest Sweater - free ravelry pattern

Simplest Sweater pattern by Juliet Romeo Juliet