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Facial composite of Mozart, circa 1777, created by the German Federal Criminal Police Office from four contemporary portait paintings.

Goggles for dogs, especially those in cars, is a popular new trend called doggles.

  • Olivia Davis

    Still can't believe this

  • Charlotte Aceituno

    Love it! I'm going to start looking for sidecars and some dog with a squishy face. We're going to make Kristian look super bad on that bike!

  • Brandi Davies

    That's a Bluebird pin from Campfire Girls! Bluebird = similar to Brownies. I was a Bluebird for a short time, hated it but I still remember the pins.

  • Marta McCall

    Yes, I know, Brandi. I was a Bluebird and LOVED it. :)

  • Shannon McQueen

    I still have mine!

Camp Yallani San Bernardino Mountains California. I was a Camp Fire Girl and spent many happy weeks there! :)