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How to Successfully Declutter Anything in Your Home!

The Mason Jar Blender Trick: Do You Know About This? — Tips from The Kitchn

The Mason Jar Blender Trick: Do You Know About This?

12 Home Maintenance Tips, save money by doing these regularly

12 Home Maintenance Tips To Keep Things Running Smoothly.

What do all those little icons on your clothing tags mean?! Free printable to help you decipher the icons so can properly care for your clothes!

Deciphering Laundry Heiroglyphics | Practically Functional

a ball of aluminum foil. and yes, I'm going to try it.

The Creek Line House: You can use WHAT?! instead of dryer sheets?

For fresh sheets and sweet dreams.....

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)

She found this the other day, mum has now transformed her bedroom arch wall with beautiful coloured pebbles to hang her Jewellery on

DIY Pebble Hangers for Jewelry

Make your own DIY Custom Wood Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer! Super easy and so cheap. You can do this for less than $10.

Where do you start when you're organizing? Here are easy and GREAT tips to help you know what to do...

Organizing Made Fun: Organizing: Tips to know where to start

Makeover your refrigerator with cute drawer liners. I want to do this!

Preppy Fridge Makeover! (Easiest DIY of your life!)
  • Linda Goucher

    I did this and it does help with cleaning but it blocks the light in the fridge - my comment is to advise looking for something clear (I got placemats similar to the ones pictured from Target and trimmed them to fit)

This just changed my life. Who knew... Window squeegee removes pet hair from carpets and furniture...

  • Ashli Swaim

    This works wonders for getting pet hair out of your seats and floorboards in your car too!

  • vile shelf-pity

    bet it takes loose hair off pets, too. I use rubber-coated work gloves to do that, with a towel nearby to pat it all off. I should probably make a pin of this, too.

  • Irene Lusk


Organize bracelets by sliding them over bottles and vases!

whippy cake » Jewelry Board Tutorial

How to clean an iron with vinegar. Takes just a couple of minutes!

Thrifty and Chic - DIY Projects and Home Decor
  • Stacey Tucker

    Thanks to my hubby & his starch obsession our iron is awful! I'll definitely be trying this ASAP!

  • Nessie Duncan

    *AMAZING*!!! Worked like a charm! I had to do vinegar and baking soda... it was baaad

I love the idea of a Small Appliance Station behind doors in a kitchen!

Storage-Packed Cabinets and Drawers
  • Lori Severeid

    I would hate to have to get that mixer down.

  • Valerie Adam

    Yup, Lori Severeid, That's a dumb place for it! Mine sits on the counter 'cuz I use it so much!