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Marta Stanuszek

Marta Stanuszek

Random polska girl absolutely obsessed with all things creative. Designer & owner of Pinterest to quench my inspirational thirst :)

Planet tattoo

  • Megan Hafer

    Pluto is not considered a planet anymore. So there are only 8 planets in our solar system.

  • Courtney Lewis

    RIP Pluto. I still miss you.

  • vfrey

    pluto has a very different orbit than the rest of the planets, that's why it doesn't "count" anymore. :)

  • Derek Nolan

    Close, it doesn't count as a planet because it doesn't clear it's own orbit. Since one of it's moons is larger, it's considered a dwarf. LOVE this tattoo though :D

  • Derek Nolan

    Wait...i reread what you said, and you are right! We are thinking the same thing :D

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Pop-up store Design Incubator, bureau sacha von der potter, 2013, exhibition design

H & M Beach Pop-up Store. . Hague’s coastal suburb of Scheveningen played host to a two-day H pop-up store full of summer goodies. The retail venture was a collab with Wateraid, an international ngo dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people.

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