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Behind the scenes at MSLO

31 Pins

Behind the scenes at MSLO

  • 31 Pins

Andie and Jason Moore, owners of Andie's Specialty Sweets heard that I love Scrabble, so they created these truly inventive candy Scrabble chips and displayed them on this cake at the Wedding party.

Take a peek into our test kitchen fridge!

On the September Good Things shoot

Are you a creative entrepreneur? Enter the #AmericanMade Awards for a chance to appear in Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

Halloween development for the October 2011 issue.

Ornaments getting ready to go on a tree.

On the set of our April cover shoot

Every size of Brioche mold in the Martha Stewart Pastry Kitchen

Pastry tips find homes in compartmentalized drawers.

  • Ruth Sas

    Smart! I always lose mine...

  • Glenna Ann Boggs-Hamilton

    I keep all of my cake decorating tips and other equipment in a fishing tackle box. It has small compartments that you change the size to fit what you put in it. It holds my bags, color pastes, and lots more!!

Holiday cookies hanging out in the pastry kitchen.

  • Katherine Blue

    just think, a blogger doesn't have a design team of 40 to make these; it'd just be a team of 1 (Martha Stewart talks to Bloomberg Television's Stephanie Ruhle about social media)

Christmas cookie cutters in the MSL Pastry Kitchen

Behind the Scenes: Pastry Kitchen

Take a tour of the Martha Stewart pastry kitchen!

  • Beth Stutzman

    Oh yes!!! I love that, looks like how my embroidery thread is organized, by color shades!

  • Robbin Stratton

    13July2012, 4PM, repin button does not work..

  • Teresa Adkins

    i would love to have alot of space to organize and keep everthing in its place! miss martha you are just awesome! one day i would like to meet you and tour your home and love on all the dogs! we have 5 yorkies

  • Sundance Vacations

    Organization is key to being able to funnel the chaos around you into something great. Martha Stewart, you are the queen of this!

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These shelves make a style statement of their own.

This gallery of color chips showcases a line of Martha Stewart paint.

Patterned dress forms stand in single file; they are occasionally recovered in new fabric for photo shoots for Weddings magazine.

  • Karen H

    WOW wish I had one of those dress forms

  • Jackie DeLozier

    My daughter made one with the help of her husband using duct tape. Google Duct Tape Dress Form. You're laughing but it works!

  • Marie Labelle

    i work in a fashion school...and i am jealous of your yours are so neat....i will definitively inspire my self of your ways to stack the extra ....everything... !!!

  • Liza Rudolph

    Yes, I made a duct tape dress form and I love it!!

  • VOUS VALET High End Re-Sale

    Will add to the store soon !!

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Inspiration at the office

A counter with an assortment of candlesticks in the prop room.

Inspiration at the office

Another inspiration board, this time for Martha Stewart Weddings.

  • Mrs. Tapley

    You should do a weddint pin board. I would check back daily, as my wedding is actually "Martha Stewart-themed." Well... your style. That's what I tell people when they ask my type of wedding. Please come! lol

  • Mrs. Tapley

    and by "weddint" I mean "wedding."

  • Hidenori Ishibe


Stacks of brightly colored fabric.

  • Debi

    Well. Finally I can say my fabric stash is much neater than Martha Stewart's. Probably my only claim to fame. haha

  • Debi

    Well. Finally I can say my fabric stash is much neater than Martha Stewart's. Probably my only claim to fame. haha

  • Louise Oakes

    A tad jealous of this stash!

  • Louise Oakes

    A tad jealous of this stash!

  • Schnick Schnack

    Lovely, lovely fabric

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Bins of frabrics, papers and tools make up the craft room.

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Framed illustrations and photographs in the prop house.

The prop house also has every type of linen imaginable.

The prop house has dishes in nearly every style and hue.