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I went to CES in Las Vegas this year and discovered this amazing device by Parrot called Flower Power. It's a sensor that analyzes your plant's needs by monitoring four crucial parameters: ambient light, temperature, soil moisture, and fertilizer. Once it determines the exact needs of the plant, it sends an alert right to your smart phone or computer. I can't wait to get a few for my greenhouse!

The vegetable garden continues to grow beautifully in its new location. In this corner are all of the brassicas, like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

Urning For The Garden And More - The Martha Stewart Blog

Do you know why these leaves are clipped? This is a cauliflower plant and to keep the heads nice and white and to prevent them from developing an off flavor, the leaves are folded up and over the cauliflower head and fastened in order to protect it from sunburn.

Urning For The Garden And More - The Martha Stewart Blog

The cabbage heads are forming nicely. This one is Jersey Wakefield, a favorite for US gardeners since the 1840s. It quickly produces large, dense heads that have a sweet flavor, making it a popular cabbage for coleslaw.

Urning For The Garden And More - The Martha Stewart Blog

This rather pretty cabbage is called Super Red. It forms dark red 3-5 lb. heads that have a tender and crisp texture and a slightly peppery taste.

Urning For The Garden And More - The Martha Stewart Blog

This is broccoli Gypsy that forms nicely domed and uniform heads.

Urning For The Garden And More - The Martha Stewart Blog
  • Donna Jackson

    do broccoli plants only form 1 head per plant?

  • Laura R

    Yes, they only form 1 big crown. But, most people don't realize you can get plenty more smaller crowns from a plant after the initial harvest.

  • Laurie Hale

    As a young gardener I was told to snip off the head of the first broccoli that appears when it's the size of a quarter. After that you will get several shoots of broccoli on one plant. I keep track of the broccoli and snip the shoots before they flower. I get a ton of broccoli doing that.

  • Chris Gulden

    Ours always bolt & flower within a day - haven't eaten one spear yet! :(

Cantitoe Corners vegetable garden.

Cantitoe Corners: Martha's Vegetable Garden
  • Susan Hunt

    Excuse me, but most of us don't exactly have a garden or a yard this big. but It is impressive

  • Bruce Bean

    Is Martha interested in urban farming?

  • Ken Gile

    We could put a million people to work if the wealthy would all plant gardens

  • Kathy Bee

    just beautiful what the mind and hard work, (land and a great cash flow) can create. Beautiful!!

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Vegetable garden at Cantitoe Corners.

Cantitoe Corners: Martha's Vegetable Garden
  • Rebecca McCray

    I just pulled all of my weeds out of front garden bed this morning. What kind of manure mix would you suggest I enrich my soil with for better healthy flowers to stay growing strong?

  • Ken Gile

    dried cow manure

  • Rachel Donnelly

    I use a lot compost as well.

Young bunny in the herb garden.

Martha's Culinary Herb Garden
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Herb garden, at the New York Botanical Garden

Martha's Culinary Herb Garden