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Walter Freeman, inventor of the lobotomy--Even after his medical license was revoked for killing a patient with his technique, he would travel the country in his “Lobotomobile” to service the needy and the isolated. He performed 3,439 lobotomies during his career, though the psychological and physical damage caused by his practice of psychiatry is unquantifiable

10 Unabashed Quacks in Medical History - Listverse

Daybreak ©2004 Danvers State Hospital, Danvers MA

Daybreak - Photos of the Abandoned Danvers State Hospital

The former Danvers State Hospital, the mental institution once among the most revered "haunted" spaces in New England and the inspiration for the movie "Session 9,"

Halloween secret spaces

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (Weston Hospital) - Weston, West Virginia The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum has seen a long history and some of it not so pleasant. Some people who have visited the hospital claim that there are patients who have never left. Read the full story>>

Fairfield Hills State Hospital, CT - the hospital opened its doors in 1933 and housed over 4,000 patients. Its doors closed in 1995. About twenty buildings fill the grounds of the former asylum, all with the classic asylum appearance and tunnels that run underground. The buildings are closed, but there are hiking trails in the area. Inside the windows, equipment, furniture and papers can be seen. It's as if everyone decided at once to simply up and leave. Unusual cold spots have been reported.

After all that witchcraft hysteria...I found myself at the Danvers Insane Asylum by Star Cat, via Flickr

Bartonville Insane Asylum, there is a long history behind this sad and forlorn place...a history that is filled with social and medical reform, insanity and yes, even ghosts.

A crib from the Pennhurst State School and Asylum for Children, a place that is notorious for ghostly activity, originally called the Eastern State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic (Spring City, Crab Hill).

The vast underground network of tunnels beneath Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey.

Ice stalagmites in the basement of greystone park state hospital.

traverse city state hospital

19th-century Italianate insane asylum in Nova Scotia, Canada. Saint Johns.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium with stormy skies. Louisville, Kentucky. Second and final closing was in 1982 after being renamed Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanatorium.

Insane Asylum of Arizona in Phoenix

#abandoned Kings Park New York State

#abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric New York State

Trenton State Hospital, New Jersey...the first asylum constructed according to the Kirkbride Plan, it was also the first erected due to the advocacy of Dorothea Dix. The main building was designed by John Notman, and completed in 1848