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My ABsolute Favorite!

Gossip girl

gossip girl. Bahaha Blair and Serena

Gossip girl... Serena and Blair, Blair and Serena ♥

If I didn't watch it 1000 times I didn't watch it once... What ever happened to John Hughes?? (i think he died) - D.S.

"I'll give you the answer to that question next Saturday, Mr. Bender." CAN WE ALL JUST APPRECIATE ANDREW'S (THE “ATHLETE“) FACE?? HAHAHA THIS IS GREAT!!

I need to remember this, for the next time my dad says no dating to me.

Why'd you order Raisin Bran? Why'd you order tea? Because you ordered Raisin Bran. I ordered Raisin Bran so you wouldn't think this was a date.

Perfect Date! (Miss Congeniality 2)

another favorite line from She's the Man lol

"He's just not that into you" ~ There's not going to be anyone left... This movie was okay. The parts of the movie that make it most worth watching are the parts with them.