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There are seven days a week and *someday* isn't one of them.

I saw a new TT with some led lights that were at the bottom of the entry door that shined onto the steps, and could not find anywhere to get such a thing. One day at Walmart I saw a package of flex lights(two small 12v stips of leds made to put on a car)and after some thought of how to wire them up, I bought a set, and love the results.

Great use for the 'days of the week' pill organizers. Labels took about 10 minutes to make. Great for RV and home.

The Idea of Camping ... great read!

The Giles Frontier: The Idea of Camping....Part One

Off to see the world

Boulder Token Mugs

Did you know that toilet paper rolls fit perfectly inside oatmeal cans? Cover with scrapbooking paper and place in your bathroom for a nice way to store toilet paper.

RV storage : 3 coffee cans taped on the inside for TP storage, fits perfect behind the toilet and saves drawer/cabinet space.