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Being a Grandmother!

I have a new appreciation for all my grandchildren right now. How I wish they could all be here to wrap my arms around them all at this moment!

We have to be there to help our grandchildren get into mischief they haven't even thought about yet.

I am never, ever too busy to love my grandchildren!

Benefits of being a grandmother.

Being a grandmother has its privileges!

Photo: If you're lucky enough to be a Grandparent, curious ... What do they call you? I'm Groni! Grandma Roni :) ♥ SP Being a grandparent is the most wonderful gift! The love you feel for them is amazing!

How To Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan: Cutest book EVER! Grandpa has come to babysit... But who is the real babysitter? The young boy has to keep his grandpa entertained, make sure he takes his nap, feed him a snack, play with him and keep him safe until the parents come back home. Best when read from the lap of a grandpa! #Books #Kids

I Love to Read and Review Books :): How To Babysit a Grandpa