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Amazing! Need to add to my must see list! Staircase in Western State Hospital. Called Western State Lunatic Asylum in its early years, it was a hospital for the mentally ill in Staunton, Virginia, which admitted its first patient on July 24, 1828. This building was vacated in the 1970s & is being turned into condos.

Huff Post's "underrated" U.S. writing programs.

  • Susan Ruhl

    I looked at these lists and many, many others like it until I was blue in the face. My decision finally came down to the best program I could manage since I couldn't realistically quit my job or pick up and move across the country right now. I am just hoping, hoping, hoping that going to a lesser known program isn't going to be a waste of time future-employment-wise. I think Rosemont's program is good (although I wish it was a little longer), but I've never seen it on any of the lists. You've been in this field far longer than I you have an opinion? Is it the work or the school that matters more?

  • Susan Ruhl

    I'lll let you know how it goes...although right now I am just a waffling mess. I really do like Rosemont's program, and the school as a whole has a good reputation, but it's creative writing program is relatively new and not very well known. On the other hand, just because it's not well known doesn't mean it's not a good program. One moment I think I am making the right decision based on what I can do at this time...and the next minute I am wondering if I am. At this point, I think the only thing to do is go with it and do the best that I can while I am there and get involved as much as I can. This is all so overwhelming and there's so much conflicting information out there...this is far more difficult than getting a bachelor's...

The start of the Soap-Box Derby at Brooklands - UK - 16 July 1939



Oh! The cut of the jacket!!!! Swoon!