7 Natural DIY Body Scrub Recipes: get glowing skin with natural, at-home scrubs (also fabulous as gifts!)

Thicker, Softer Hair with Rosemary, Lavender & Apple Cider Vinegar

DIY Scrubs to Help Get Rid of Cellulite

DIY Cellulite Scrub Recipes –

DIY Citrus Salt Body Scrub

Sparkle & Mine: My Favorite DIY Spa Recipes!

3 Amazing Body Scrubs for Summer

My Fashion Chronicles – 3 Amazing Body Scrubs for Summer

Homemade Lotion Bars. Uses coconut and olive oil.

my yellow umbrella: Homemade Lotion Bars and Lip Balm

❤ How To Make An All-Natural Herbal Healing Salve ❤

How To Make An All-Natural Herbal Healing Salve - Blog

DIY::8 Ways to Use Lemon For Beautiful Skin

8 Ways to Use Lemon For Beautiful Skin

Dr Oz. 1/4 cup of baking soda + lemon juice from half of a lemon. Apply with cotton ball or q-tip. Leave on for no longer than 1 minute, then brush teeth to remove. Worth a try.

Dr.Oz Teeth Whitening Home Remedy –

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub...DIY Christmas Gift!

HOW TO - Candy Cane Sugar Scrub
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Warm Vanilla Brown Sugar & Coconut Body Scrub This brown sugar scrub smells absolutely amazing!  It's definitely the perfect treat for skin that's begging to be pampered.  Not only is it a wonderful exfoliant, but thanks to the coconut oil included in this recipe, it's very moisturizing to the skin as well.

A Year of Sugar Scrubs: 24 Original Recipes for Hand and Foot Scrubs e-book *Spiced Chai Sugar Scrub *Brown Sugar + Honey *Peppermint *Orange Dreamsicle *Sugar Cookie *Caramel Frappe *Pina Colada *S'mores and more! Great gift ideas.

DIY Natural Room Scents. Add fragrance to your home using simmering waters infused with spices, herbs, & fruit.

DIY Natural Room Scents

Homemade tooth whitener. Use a little toothpaste, mix in one tsp baking soda, one tsp hydrogen peroxide, and half a tsp water. Thoroughly mix then brush your teeth for two minutes. Do this once a week until you have reached the results you want. Once your teeth are good and white, limit yourself to using the whitening treatment once every month or two.

Hair conditioner. Mix a tsp of apple cider vinegar and a tsp of glycerin. Mix ingredients until smooth. Mix in a beaten egg. Add 2 Tbsp caster oil. Thoroughly mix. Apply mask on the entire length of the hair. Place hair in plastic cap and wrap your head with a towel. Leave mask on for 2 hrs. Wash hair using shampoo. The mask should be done 2x a week for a month. After 1 month, apply 1 time every 2 weeks to keep hair in good condition.

witch hazel + olive oil = the only eye makeup remover you'll ever need. witch hazel + white vinegar + distilled water = instant toner.

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel
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    Only skin cleanser I use and recommend :) I even use it on my children every few months!

Once a week for 20 minutes, sit in a hot bath that contains a handful of Epsom salts, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, and a half cup of baking soda. This combo draws out toxins, lowers stress-related hormones, and balances your pH levels. Good to know!

Daily Detoxing Tips - Whole Living Wellness

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