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Painting On Canvas Ideas Circles | ... SMALL IDEAS- ORIGINAL Abstract painting, collage, circles, BIG 20 x 20

Resource: SHAPE (Element Binder Notes)

Resource: SHAPE (Element Binder Notes)

What Shape Is It? 2: 3D Shapes - Learn Geometric Shapes - The Kids' Picture Show (Fun & Educational)

4th Grade - Klee's Castle - Shape, color pencil on sulfite, sky in chalk pastels. Adapted from spotofcolor.blogs...

Artwork published by Serenity174

Mouse Shapes.

Little Page Turners: Mouse Shapes

frank lloyd wright gr 4

3rd Grade - Shape - Construction paper collage

Artwork published by KatherineH4

first kids made a collograph plate with oaktag, then a rubbing with crayons

Room 9: Art!: Creating the Printing Plates...

7th Grade - Bethelhem City - Metallic color pencils on dark blue construction paper. Chalk pastels added for value and emphasis. Inspired by bluemoonpalette.b...

2nd Grade - Shape Clowns - Markers and Sharpies. Borrowed from artmakeskidssmart...


Artwork published by Carsyn12

5th Grade - Shape - Geometric to Organic using markers and sharpie. Spray the markers with water for bleeds and drip. Outline with Sharpie when dry. Borrowed from Kathy Barbro - www.artprojectsfo...

2nd Grade - Bright City Street, collage