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Butterfly Counting 0-20 is a quest in counting butterflies photographed in a real world setting! See the orange and black Monarch butterfly and other gorgeous butterflies in a variety of arrays up to the number 20. This huge 56 slide presentation includes everything you need ... presentation, teacher's script, activity, four worksheets, worksheet keys and a student skills assessment. This presentation is aligned to CCSS. www.teacherspayte...

butterfly sun catcher

September Preschool Crafts | Starting A Preschool

butterfly made from a leaf and other fall crafts at this site

Handprint butterfly...

{ Teaching Taste: Craft & Activity }

Fanciful Butterfly Wings. DIY w/ sheer fabric/curtain and permanent marker.

Fanciful Fabric Butterfly Wings | Toys & Creative Play

eye-hand coordination butterfly

Kingdom First Homeschool

Prek Letter B | Confessions of a Homeschooler

Prek Letter B | Confessions of a Homeschooler

Swallowtail butterfly.

Create this beautiful butterfly out of a paper bag.

Slideshow on how Monarch Butterflies Survive the Winter on Stored Energy