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Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Journals with 3 Year Olds

Sponge block water play by Teach Preschool

Sponge block water play puzzles

Spinning up circles by Teach Preschool

Spinning up circles

Making squares by Teach Preschool

Making squares | Teach Preschool

Post image for Making circles in the salt tray

Making circles in the salt tray

Hunting for shapes by Teach Preschool

Hunting for shapes

Shape Games on the Felt Board by Teach Preschool

Simple shape games on the felt board

Drawing in Salt Box Shapes by Teach Preschool

Lining up colored craft sticks by Teach Preschool

Lining up colored craft sticks | Teach Preschool

Exploring shapes on the table by Teach Preschool

Exploring our shapes with blocks on the table top

Shapes, shapes, shapes

Reading Color Zoo and Flannel Board Shape Graphing

Shape Song - School Songs For Children

Triangle Song

Sticky square collage

Painting perfect squares

Painting up perfect squares (Piet Mondrian style)

Read Rabbit Read: Flannel Friday: Baa Baa Shape Sheep

Math Play: Circle Hunt ~ Creative Family Fun

Creative Family Fun: Math Play: Circle Hunt

Triangle Song

The Shapes Song

shape book printable

Rust & Sunshine: Shapes Book