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20 Rules a Woman Should Live By

Idiots. if you cant read it, enlarge it this is funny

irreplaceablemagic: Bid Day shirt idea

Kappa delta!

Remember this one....with the old pull-string that would inevitably get tangled and render it useless? The new ones with the plastic handle just don't cut it.

  • Jen

    Mine was red.. I loved it because I'd make my sister pull the sting, then I'd put my hand on the spinner. Muhahaha.... Moooooo.

  • Clerc Mckinnon

    My weird brother hit his with a hammer and the animals and sounds got mixed up. "The cow says oink, the wolfs says meow." I loved it.

patagonia vest + plaid

Idk that these are all accurate (especially the double numbered ones lol) but some of them I remember and they are =)

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Forever my favorite spot in the world, cinderella's wishing well at magic kingdom

Medium Bob with Side Bangs