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Back to school night-- might be cheesy for middle school but who am I kidding lol

Runde's Room: Genius Hour - Starting Passion Projects in the Classroom

Runde's Room: Passion Projects in the Classroom

Laminate and velcro name tags to desk instead of taping them. Lasts all year and easy to switch out!

Elementary Organization: gnarly name plates.

Text features ~ using colored magnets on a projected article to identify text features.

Mrs. Spangler in the Middle: Thursday Throwdown ~ Text Features

Love this! The teacher provides an answer and students come up with questions that fit. This is an awesome higher order thinking skills activity!

Watch this tutorial on how to print on post-it notes to use for labeling. | 25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

Everyone wears "multiplication name tags" throughout the day. You always call each other by their "name". This is Mr. 32.---Could do this with addition/subtraction facts or even sight words! I LOVE THIS IDEA!

I {Heart} Teaching

Detailed description of how best to use literature circles in a high school classroom-- including many different roles.

Teacher Memes |

What I look like if you're talking when I'm talking!!

madacadweb | MAD Academy Web Design | Page 3

Teaching Teens in the 21st: Before the School Year Begins... great ideas from Kelly Gallagher!

Teaching Teens in the 21st: Before the School Year Begins...

Data-Based Goal Setting in Writing Workshop

Growing Firsties: Bright Ideas - Data-Based Goal Setting

Teaching 4 Real: Classroom Pictures... A look back

Teaching 4 Real: Classroom Pictures... A look back

Knock it out of the park! This isn't your ordinary Meet the Teacher Bundle! Creativity meets practicality! The contents of this file have been downloaded over 5,000 times in another bundle file of mine. Get it now!

Meet The Teacher Bundle I {Editable} Back to School Printables

GROUP Expectations Bulletin Board and Posters

Group Expectations Bulletin Board Set

I would use this for students who finish too quickly and miss a lot of problems - love this idea! Parents would know if their child was rushing through. Staple to any graded sheet

Notable Music Studio: Solidifying Tempos

Pikme- app that automatically pick students and groups.

What to do when no one raises their hand...

Flagging strategies for reading comprehension. They put the flags directly into the book while reading.

Main Idea Details Game - Students identify the main idea in a group of sentences that are mixed up inside an envelope! For a quick assessment, students record the main idea on a separate sheet of paper.

All the Dots: Main Idea & Details Game!

This is a "Shout Out Wall" where students can shout out their success in school, home, work or activities

Good night, Posterous

Instagram Bulletin Board. I like the idea of doing this at the start of the year while we are all getting to know each other!

Marci Coombs: Instagram Bulletin Board.

Teacher and blogger, Michael Zimmer explains 10 different ways to use Pandora Internet Radio in the classroom.

10 Ways to Use Pandora Internet Radio in Your Classroom

Textual evidence bulletin board- common core

kids create text-based opinion posters. Basically, they take the article they are reading, highlight important phrases that illicit a response from them, then write their opinion of the evidence on the poster.

Teaching in Room 6: Text-Based Opinion Posters