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LOVE it!

Create fake text to display your morning message to your class each day

FACS Classroom Ideas: ifaketext

Adapt for secondary; make one of these for each class period and make it a competition! The class that goes the longest gets a prize.The prize will increase as the numbers get larger.

Just Reed: Ten Pin Linky Week Two: Classroom Management

All Students Can Shine: Apps For Classroom Management Too Noisy Meter, Name Selector, Group Creator!

All Students Can Shine: Apps For Classroom Management

this is a genius (and easy) way to breakdown an assesment to see what to teach in the unit and how to break kids up into guided math groups

Teaching in Room 6: Breaking Down Quizzes

This is a polynomial matching game that can be used as an end of lesson informal assessment or review. These cards can be used as multiplying polynomials practice or as factoring practice. The matching cards can be used as a basic matching game, old maid (by inserting a blank card), go fish, or memory.

Multiplying and Factoring Polynomials Match Game

Use cups to teach ordered pairs and other math concepts. Click the image to view pictures and directions. *use with quadratics

Literacy & Math Ideas: Use Cups to Teach Math

Why wasn't imaginary numbers explained to me like this?

A Visual, Intuitive Guide to Imaginary Numbers | BetterExplained

Nice visual for prime and composite numbers. #math 4th Grade This is a math worksheet that students could make in the classroom themselves. This is to teach prime numbers and could be a base for multiplication or fraction lesson. Students would like this because its an art project and a beautiful visual in a classroom.

Prime Factorization - A to Z Teacher Stuff Forums

8.G.5 Groups need to place the stickies in the correct places, based on the given clues like angles 1 and 2 are alternate interior. Angles 1 and 3 are vertical angles. 2 and 5 are consecutive interior, etc.

Divisible by 3 [Andrew Stadel]: Transversals, Tape, and Stickies

Owl Themed Motivational Math Poster

Owl Themed Motivational Math Poster

This is a game I play with my students to practice corresponding angles, alt. interior, alt. exterior, supplementary, same side interior. They must place feet in the type of angles I call out. (Got from YouTube video)