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Scientists say they have discovered why dogs love to eat meat and bones. Ancient canines adopted pack-living about eight million years ago, to hunt larger prey, according to researchers. The resulting evolution of their jaws gradually turned the ancestors of modern wolves, and ultimately our own pets, into "hypercarnivores".

German coolie "Pearl" to be published in issue #83. gorgeous!

New life for ridiculed hairless Peruvian dog species Ugly dog, they call it, dirty dog, ‘punk’ dog. But it is much cleaner than hairy dogs — leaves no hair around the place, has no fleas, does not provoke allergies. And it is a great company and a live thermal bag in winter.

Give a dog a bone and he'll run 1,000 miles When a team of Chinese cyclists on a 1,000 mile-long expedition from Chengdu to Tibet threw a stray dog a bone, they may not have thought they would attract a companion who would run with them for the entire length of their journey.

The Queen has called her labrador puppy Gryffindor, after Harry Potter’s house at Hogwarts. Gryffindor is an ideal royal dog name because it is ludicrous. Light-heartedness is a crucial part of smart life – among the Mitford sisters, it was a religion. The essential trick is to be extremely serious about silly things – “Oh God, I can’t bear it, I’ve run out of Marlboro Lights” – and extremely silly about serious things: “It really is too funny – her husband went off and shot himself.”

"If you don’t have a dog--at least one--there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life." - Vincent Van Gogh