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Family magnets - would have so much fun with these!

Family Magnets and an Announcement!

A site where you create a self-portrait using your own words.

The American Heritage Dictionary entry:

Website where students can upload photos of themselves and fill it with words about themselves and their interests

Tagxedo - Gallery

How to Organize, Print and Backup YEARS Worth of Photos

How to Organize and Print Years Worth of Photos

Photo Album Ornament Tutorial ... How cute is this? GREAT Grandma/Grandpa gift!

Print on wax paper, iron onto fabric...the possibilities are endless! Yay, just found Christmas ideas :)

No more using the overhead!!! Silhouette making in 4 steps from a FREE website! Maybe for a "guess who" for open house? Or a parent gift?

Create your child's own quote book. I've thought of this so many times! :)

Family yearbooks... So the family pics aren't just stuck on the computer. Great idea!