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COOKIE MONTH RECIPE #14 Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Bars - a scrumptious mix of chocolate shortbread crumble, creamy vanilla cheesecake and juicy cherries. Throw on a little chocolate drizzle too if you like. Freezes perfectly too!

Oh ... the 'real' stories I could tell.

  • Kaylyn Travis

    ...from the looks of your picture, your stripping should be able to pay for all that. ahahahaha. I also wouldn't put that kind of stuff on the internet, I'm sure your children don't want that information following them around the rest of their life for the world to know.

  • Annie Pyatt

    Kaylyn, are you insinuating that being the victim of such a horrific crime is something to be ashamed of? People who think that are huge contributors to the reasons these things don't get reported and punished as they should. Chastise and ostracize the molesters, not the innocent children.

  • Ashly Anaya-Andrade

    @kaylyn Travis- that's rude and uncalled for. You can judge someone based on their appearances...and you never know what people are going thru, so stop judging...some people yes abuse the system some people actually really need the help. Those who abuse the system hopefully get caught

  • Ashly Anaya-Andrade

    You CAN'T judge

  • Rochelle Junot

    it should be her daughter's choice to give the info.

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