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Images from my blog I post an image-a-day of something that catches my eye in my natural environment. For some behind-the-scenes photos of the making of these images, follow me on instragram @maryjohoffman

leaves like gems (mary jo hoffman)

grass fire (mary jo hoffman)

trailside weeds (mary jo hoffman)

sumac leaves (mary jo hoffman)

a september rug (mary jo hoffman)

pintade feather (mary jo hoffman)

red squirrel busy work (mary jo hoffman)

litterbug | STILL

whitetail deer antler (mary jo hoffman)

nobody knows what happened here | STILL

caterpillar nest (mary jo hoffman)

all hemmed in | STILL

ruffed grouse wings (mary jo hoffman)

’tis the season | STILL

hedgehog gall on white oak (mary jo hoffman)

focus. focus. | STILL

six legged stroller (mary jo hoffman)

six legged stroller | STILL

golden september (mary jo hoffman)

stage hogs | STILL

aster (mary jo hoffman)

frazzled | STILL

so it begins (mary jo hoffman)

and so it begins | STILL

pondweed (mary jo hoffman)

in defense of weeds | STILL

coleus collection (mary jo hoffman)

i went out for bacon, and came home with a rainbow | STILL

september arrangement with monarch (mary jo hoffman)

bon voyage | STILL

woodpecker holes (mary jo hoffman)

f(x) = sin (x) (mary jo hoffman)

  • Rags Edward

    Another favorite - sideoats grama!

  • Mary Jo Hoffman

    Yay! Identifying grasses is quite the challenge for me, I am so glad I have found an expert!

  • Rags Edward

    :) I usually know only native and noxious grasses - from the sublime to the ridiculous! I love the prairie natives beyond reason!

three walks (mary jo hoffman)

a collection of nests (mary jo hoffman)

acrons in three colors (mary jo hoffman)

transitioning (mary jo hoffman)

blue grama grass (mary jo hoffman)

  • Rags Edward

    Perhaps one of my favorite photography subjects - like a note on a musical staff. It is our state grass - and it never fails to captivate me! I've posted a few of my images on my blog -

  • Mary Jo Hoffman

    What a beautiful blog! A kindred spirit indeed. And that journal of yours, wow!

  • Rags Edward

    How kind of you to say so. It does seem that we see the world in a similar way! Blessed attention to detail! :-)