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Skul and Flower Thigh Tattoo Design. I love love love this tattoo!!!

Elephant Hamsa Print from Original Pen and Ink by by CMSStationery, $15.00

Want want want skull and flower thigh tattoo

The type of tattoo is so prominent and popular right now and is usually seen on the shoulder, but I didn't just scroll past this one because it actually is a decent and different placement that actually workds

What a beautiful tattoo! I love the size & placement


I love this tattoo I may get this one when I'm old enough ♥ I love how the top of the m has become a bird and is flying away

I like the viens around this one

I don't have any tattoos and not sure if I want one or not, but this describes the last year of my life so well! The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow...

This is very cool. I have talked to people who got their tattoos because they are grieving a loss. This is so much better than a portrait of an ex.

I've Decided That THIS Will Be My Mermaid Tattoo !!!! ♥♥♥ Cannot Wait :)

Glamour Paraguaio » Arquivos » I die: Mermaid Skeleton

I'd consider this as part of a couples tattoo. even in the worst case scenario its still a solid stand alone piece.