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Who is up for the SPRING 24 THINGS CHALLENGE with me? Get Tossing and Get Clear marylee-fairbanks...

GMOs 101: GMO Foods and How to Avoid Them | Gaiam Life

GMOs 101: Our Children Are Not Roundup Ready | Gaiam Life

In 1995 there were only 20 lions in the entire Northwest. Today, there are more than 500. The black rhino were almost extinct in 1982, now there is the largest concentration in the world. Zebras once numbered only 1000. Now, they form a constant changing, black and white labyrinth across the world’s oldest desert.

A Revolution in Resolutions: Six Steps to Calling Your Deepest Desires into Your Life. | elephant journal

LOVE that I am a part of the Gaiam Yoga project on Hope.. please read and share

ok I LOVE Ree.. she rocks.. I don't love to cook but with Ree it feels a lot easier!

Buddhist Waylon Lewis contemplates his walk, and his Elephant Journal at Boulder's Trident Booksellers and Cafe. ~ Douglas Brown, The Denver Post, April 5, 2012

My website. hope you enjoy

The Princess of Garbage Day: Releasing the past with reverence and intention creates room for the new and cultivates faith in the future."

Letter From A Bully: My apology to DIanne

American Mom: "I’m a normal American Mom. I drop my son at school, hurry to yoga class, swap kids stories with the bank teller, and destroy the Earth."

In the Midst of Gorillas: “The king’s name is Gukubita. It means ‘beat’. But don’t worry, he beats his chest not his visitors.” Our guide Eugene winks, adjusts the automatic rifle on his shoulder, and turns toward the jungle.

A New Flavor. What flavor is your friendship?

First It Was Yobo, Now There is Ratra (Radical Traditional) Yoga. ~ Bob Weisenberg