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Estado de Michoacan, Mexico

A gorgeous state, with volcanoes, colonial cities, indigenous villages, and crafts galore.

Guitarist, Patzcuaro, Michoacan, 2001 ( Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times )

Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan, 2002 ( Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times )

Fishermen, Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan, 2002 ( Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times )

Hermitano mask Michoacan 16 inches, painted wood Classic in form, this large mask would have been worn by the Hermit character in the Pastorela Dance.

Viejo mask Michoacan 12.5 inches, painted wood This is a new mask intended for the Danza de Pastorelas. Especially creative hairdo and beard trim.

La Muerte (Death)from Tocuaro, Michoacán,Grice Collection

Diablo mask Tacuraro, Michoacán 11 inches, painted wood Made by Juan Horta from one piece of wood except for fangs and horns. Used for Pastorela dances at Christmas and Candelaria each year in Tocuaro. Juan is a famous craftman and has taken many first place prizes in national competitions. Though his masks are traditional in subject matter, his style is unique. His wife used to do the exquisitly detailed painting. Nowadays several younger relatives also work in the shop.

Mariposa Monarca, Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO

Huitlacoche Fresco, Patzcuaro, Michoacán. - The corn fungus is sometimes called "Mexican truffle" and is appreciated for its earthy, rich flavor reminiscent of wild mushrooms. Paired with cheese in a quesadilla...delicious!

grilled corn .. outside Panteon Tsurumutaro .. Day of the Dead 2011

Portrait of a Female Soldier from Michoacan/Retrato de una soldadera de Michoacan, 1910

This ceramic bowl from Tzintzuntzan Michoacan Mexico is decorated with the rising sun and a smiling mermaid. The artist is Angelica Morales Gamez. Photo by Karen Elwell

Parque Nacional Uruapan Michoacan

On the night of November 2 Purepecha families gather in this cemetary near Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacan to bid farewell to their deceased family members until next year

Palm Sunday/ Domingo de Ramos La Catedral de Zamora, Michoacan

This impressive ofrenda in Michoacan uses aromatic marigolds, colored corn, and very unusually shaped pan de muerto breads, that represent female spirits of the dead.