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pins that make me say, "huh?"

...not at all certain what to think about these pins

truth. where are the parents of the girls in the "now" pic? 'cause I want to issue a beatdown on them for not teaching their daughters how to 1. respect themselves, 2. respect others.

  • Erica Miller

    I promise you, my daughter is in sixth grade. If I saw a picture of her like that, there would be trouble! That's just sad.

someone with tooooooo much time on their hands

this pin actually made me say, "hmmmm." you see, in my lil' hometown pj's are the regular walmart attire...and so what if they've got jack-o-lanterns on them at Christmas?

why? I don't get it at all.

  • Shelley Carter

    what are we supposed to see??? hee hee

  • Mary Margaret Hall

    not sure what we're supposed to see being that this jewel is camo and all; I do see a person with a few too many dollars to waste ;) - look real heard, you might have to squint, lol

seeing as how I am not a hobbit, I don't get the allure of this type dwelling. the original pinner: How to build an earthbag dome house. Can you imagine if this was your playhouse? Or your storage shed? Earthbag houses are so stable, efficient, and cheap to build that relief workers build them in all sorts of areas where people need shelter in a hurry