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Hummingbird & butterfly plants

Hummingbird and Butterfly Buffet

My fiancé's mother taught me all about this rule when building my pots... It really makes my pots look awesome.

Dwell on Joy: Tips for Beautiful & Balanced Container Gardens

Gardening: Controlling Leaf Eating Pests - a brew of water, dish soap, garlic, and red pepper flakes to spray on leaves and repell aphids.

Top 10 Natural Ways To Send Bugs Packing -

Read this before you set foot in your garden.

The 10 Most Common Gardening Mistakes

When to plant what.... just in case I ever feel like gardening. you never know!

Grow Theses Plants To Help Save Bees ! The Homestead Survival - Homesteading - Bees

Regrow these foods from kitchen scraps!

Coolest idea yet..... Mailbox in the garden to hold gloves and tools. Keeps things dry and clean and right where you need them.

Araucaria Heterophylla - Norfolk Island Pine care keep moist likes humidity and temperature between 60-85. feed once season rest in winter...set plant 4 feet from north, east or west window. does not like to be repotted use rain water if possible

Very helpful in choosing plants for landscaping | protractedgarden

"Cares melt when you kneel in your garden."

DIY Deck / herb garden using wine boxes