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Garden Ideas

Garden Ideas learn how to build garden border fences or you need to know what the best plants are for a window box

I have some great Irish Tea tins. Brilliant!!! Save those tins and teacups for this DIY: How to Plant Succulents for the Kitchen from Young Austinian.

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I did this with an old coffee pot I found, then added coffee cups with small hole drilled in bottom and terra cotta coasters :) LOVE container gardening!w

The Anyone-Can-Grow-It Container Garden|Low-maintenance potted plants that will flourish under the care of even the most challenged gardener.w

Blend buttermilk and moss and paint on potw

Plant a bunch of these giant allium flowers. | 30 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer

A Simple Do It Yourself Soil Test Perform your soil test by placing a sample into two separate cups or containers. Add vinegar to one. If it fizzes your soil is alkaline. If not, add some water to the second cup and stir. Add baking soda. If it fizzes you have acidic soil. If neither have a reaction your soil is somewhat pH balanced.

Making Hypertufa Troughs for miniature gardens

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The 10 Most Common Home Garden Tomato Plant Problems And How To Prevent Or Correct Them.