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Garden Ideas

Garden Ideas learn how to build garden border fences or you need to know what the best plants are for a window box

How to grow new strawberry plants (for free) - find a runner | Hellie's Corner

Low maintenance perennial Russian Sage. Great mid summer flowers! See more low maintenance perennials at www.landscape-des...

How to make and can pickled beets with apple cider vinegar and honey. So delicious and healthy! Montana Homesteader

View through an archway at Montsalvat in Eltham, Victoria, Australia

All about bi-colored petunias

All about bi-colored petunias

No need to have a plain wood shade structure. Dress it up with these copper panels. Such a great way to play with light.

RainTree Sprinklers made out of copper piping. Add some glass for some beautiful yard art! Love this tree!

Yard Crashers: Water-Feature Wonderland : Home Improvement : DIY Network

Combine color and texture: Delicate grasses, like 'Morning Light' miscanthus and 'Cassian' dwarf fountain grass, highlight the bold 'Little Joe' Joe Pye weed.

List Of Vegetables That Can Grow On A Trellis Instead Of Trailing On The Ground

Designing a garden with continuous blooms is one of the biggest goals of a perennial gardener.

"I soak hard seeds overnight in strong tea. The tannic acid softens the outer covering of the seeds and makes germination faster and surer." ~ A gardening tip from Club Member Mary Ann Marino of West Pittsburgh, PA this might be easier than the acid method

Next time you make guacamole, think twice before you toss that avocado pit. It’s a seed after all, which you can use to grow an entirely new avocado plant. It will help reduce your food waste, and when it fruits, you’ll be able to boast that your guac didn’t cost any food miles.

Adding a roof to an outdoor space increases its potential for use!

I'm Starting a Garden in September — What Can I Grow? Good Questions