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Mary Simonsen

Mary Simonsen

Author of several Jane Austen re-imaginings and the Patrick Shea mystery series. Interests: WWI, WWII, Regency England, Irish HIstory and coal mining.

Rita Hayworth leads a conga line at the Stage Door Canteen during WWII

Rita Hayworth - WWII War Effort Rita Hayworth in 1942 campaigning for the recycling of scrap metal in WWII. A large part of the home front war effort in World War Two was saving scrap metal that could be recycled into weapons, ships & aircraft for the war. [ Source Rita Hayworth - WWII War Effort ]

Seaman David Crazy Thunder (Oglala) and mother, 1945.Marquette University Archives

The Andrew Sisters

Hollywood actress Veronica Lake demonstrates what can happen to war workers who wear there hair long in the factory, 1943

During her tour of the European front, Dietrich eats, sleeps, and dresses like the G.I.s, but at showtime, as in this February 1945 photo, she changes into a sequined gown and gold pumps.

Judy Garland arrives in Penn Station, New York City, on a tour singing at U.S.O. camps. Here she holds a U.S. marine doll, 7/2/43.

A boy offers his toy plane to an RAF man after a national request for scrap metal for the making of aircraft - 1940s, Great Britain.

St. Lawrence Jewry and the Guildhall by Thomas Malton II

World War II: London

Japanese-American girl being relocated to an internment camp, Hayward, California, 1942. Photo by Dorothea Lange.

Roy Takeno, editor, and group reading paper in front of office, Manzanar Internment camp for Japanese-American citizens,1943 - Ansel Adams

1942 photo of a RAF pilot getting a haircut and reading Greenmantle by John Buchan.