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Pinnr said: Baking soda neutralizes the ph in the soil and nothing will grow there. I use baking soda in a 6" wide area around all of the edges of my flower beds to keep the grass and weeds from growing into my beds. Just sprinkle it onto the soil so that it covers it lightly. I usually have to do this twice a year - spring and fall.

Weed Killer ~ 2c vinegar, 1 T liquid soap, 1 T salt... Mix ingredients in spray bottle. Will kill anything it touches so I bonnet the weeds to protect the plants.

Amazing Organic Weed Killer Spray. 1/2 gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar 1/4 c table salt 1/2 tsp Dawn liquid dish soap Mix and pour into a spray bottle Spray weeds thoroughly. It makes 1/2 gallon for around 6 dollars. It worked better than Round Up killed the weeds on first application. The Dawn dish soap strips the weed of its protective oils so the vinegar can work with deadly force. Safe to use a yard used by pets @ MyHomeLookBookMyHomeLookBook

3 gallons for around $4.00 Worked better than Round Up killed the weeds/stray grass on first application. One gallon of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, 1/2 c table salt, 1 tsp Dawn. Mix and pour into a smaller spray bottle.

half of a cup of salt and dish soap in a gallon of vinegar, weed killer

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Wine bottle sculptures

Pink (Southern) Lady by bright photo pinkladyundertreebybright.jpg

Totem Post by tasymo photo IMG_1237.jpg

Teapot Totem by curbdiver photo un_teapottotembycurbdiver-1.jpg

Flirty Garden Lady Totem by laurastheme photo un_flirtyGardenLadybylaurastheme.jpg

Blue n White Totem by Mary2010 photo D_bluenwhitetotembymary2010.jpg

Pink Garden Angel totem by Azcactusflower photo MVC-PinkGardenAngelTotembyAzcactusflower.jpg

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