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Seed Planting Ruler

beautiful vegetable garden

Interplanting Vegetables: Root Depth, Plant Height

1-Acre, Self-Sufficient Homestead

GARDEN UP! Vertical Gardening book! Rebecca Sweet and Susan Morrison have a book on vertical gardening called Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces. When I heard they were writing it I was so excited, because gaining height without adding width is a design challenge that is present in so many situations. Whether you have a skinny bed with a big blank wall that needs softening, or a balcony garden needing interest and screening without taking away floor space, the

I adored the way these veggie plantings were patterned in such a modern and fresh way:

More raised bed alternatives from Johanna. You can see that if you want a taller straw bale garden setup (for less bending), you can just turn the bale on its side:

Love how a simple reusable frame contains the soil and makes straw bale gardening look elegant and effortless (design by Johanna Silver of Sunset Magazine):

Edible Landscaping Ideas at the SF Garden Show |

Get more food from better soil with less water with raised beds. Landscape designer Linda Chisari shares her design (and materials list), along with advice on sizing and adding a convenient irrigation system.

Grow Up with Raised Beds Raised beds offer many benefits. You can fill them with any type of soil you want (an advantage if your ground is full of clay, sand, or rocks). Raised beds also warm earlier in the spring so you can get a jump on the planting season. And, if you build them 3 to 4 feet wide -- so you can easily reach the middle from both sides -- you'll never compact the soil by stepping on it.

LAUNDRY BASKET POTATOES - filled baskets with ~2" of soil & compost, then put seed potato into each basket . cover potato with soil, gradually fill baskets with soil as potatoes grow. should yield 8-10 lbs of potatoes. Be sure to keep baskets watered well - it takes some patience (ie - slow watering) to not have all the water run out the sides of the basket.

Potager Garden - traditional - landscape - chicago - by The Brickman Group, Ltd.

Potager Garden traditional landscape

GAP Photos - A Potager garden with mixed planting

Seed to Feed Me: POTAGERS

GAP Photos - Garden & Plant Picture Library - Decorative potager and herb garden, with flowering Allium schoenoprasum - Chives and Brassicas under protective netting - GAP Photos - Specialising in horticultural photography