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Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC, Canada ➾ Luke Gram

stars amongst the storm ➾ Luke Gram

colours of the night

colours of the night

The Merope Reflection Nebula

SpacePorn: High Res Images of Space, Stargazer's Delight

October night ~ starry starry night by Tore Heggelund

October night by Tore Heggelund | 500px

Reaching Up to Touch the Stars by Derek Kind

Foto de la Vía Láctea tomada en Kogel Bay, Western Cape, Sudáfrica. Crédito: Andrew Reeves.

Meteor shower in Wyoming

Milky Way over Tajinaste Teide National Park, Spain | photo by Roberto Porto

milky way over tajinaste

Recent composite imaging of the Ring Nebula shows that it is not just a circle, but rather a “jelly donut” with material in the center. This shows that the nebula is more complex than originally thought. The nebula is part of the Lyra constellation and is 2,000 lightyears from Earth. The ring is one lightyear in diameter.

An unusual spiral structure has been discovered around the Milky Way star R Sculptoris, a red giant star located about 1,500 light years away toward the constellation of the Sculptor (Sculptoris).

the strange creatures you can see in the sky

Beautiful picture of moon on the water