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Paid advertising is coming to Pinterest.

  • Jose Barajas


  • Sir Jeffrey Simpson

    it was fun while it lasted

  • Jose Barajas

    It's totally gonna suck ass! I remember what YouTube was like before ads n fb, now this, FML!

  • Warner Carter

    I think Pinterest can manage ads in a way they will maintain the integrity of the site and it's unique style. I certainly hope they do. Time will tell.

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"With unlimited secret boards, there’s no limit to the number of ways for you to plan, contemplate, practice and explore all the things you want to do. Go ahead, keep it a secret.”

Target on Monday announced new design partnerships with some of Pinterest's top pinners.

  • Tracy Skinner

    Very cool... Love the idea that Target is looking outside the box for advertising inspiration!

Turn a Pinterest quote into a wall decal to make the perfect social media-centric Valentine.

"We want Pinterest to be a place where people can be authentic and share the things that interest them most, so we now prohibit paying per Pin or follow."

  • Ideas Woman Two Shooters Photography

    but how can they monitor paying to pin? I am not being paid, but gee, I could be easily paid to sit here and do what I do and no-one would ever know. All my pins are for me and my own inspiration so Pinterest please do not ban me because of these comments!

It's been four years since the last winter Olympics so here are some ice skating gifs to help you refresh your memory of the games.

"Starting today, we support GIFs in all their animated glory!"

While 33% of women use Pinterest, only 8% of men use the social network.

  • Brant Day

    But the men that do use it are already ahead of the game

  • Tiffany Dabbs

    penterist is a good source of information in many areas. we love it

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Pinterest best practices

Recite: this tool allows you to transform any quote into a Pinterest-worthy image in a matter of seconds

Congratulations, Pinterest!

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