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Some of the coolest infographics we've seen on Mashable and around the web.

To Yo or Not To Yo. That is the question.

Should I Yo? A Guide to Proper Yotocol [YOCHART]

Here are the birthplaces of some of the most prolific heroes, villains, and sidekicks in Marvel history.

See Your Favorite Marvel Superheroes' Origins In One World Map

Here's another reason to volunteer: it's linked to better physical, mental and emotional health.

Volunteering and Your Health, By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • kuza biashara

    A hand that giveth is one that receiveth eventually. Follow our board too. :)

Here's how Memorial Day parties have changed over the past 30 years.

The Tech You Need To Throw a Memorial Day BBQ

This language guide is a must have for those looking to cross the Dothraki Sea. #GameOfThrones

Learn to Speak Dothraki in Just 22 Easy Steps

What's your favorite dog breed?

Which Breed Is the Top Dog in Your Country? [CHART]

It's not easy getting older. Unless you're Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg vs. an Average 30-Year-Old Man
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Here's what we value on social media.

Which States Talk More About Netflix Than Sex?

Here's the history of wearable tech.

The History of Wearable Tech, From the Casino to the Consumer

These are the drunkest countries in the world.

The Drunkest Countries in the World, Mapped

Here are a few simple ways to optimize your energy levels.

Positive Energy Habits That Are Too Simple to Skip
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    That's just too simple to skip!

  • Cristiano Takashi

    Really cool. Just one think isn´t quite right. Milk is poison. Human beings are the only mammals that drink milk beyond childhood. Are all the animals wrong or should we also stop drinking milk?

Don't plop down for a 10-hour TV marathon without properly preparing.

The Binge Watcher's Survival Guide

The history of data storage.

From Player Pianos to the Cloud: The History of Data Storage

The Instagram Like Predictor will show you exactly how many of those precious Likes your latest 'gram that "basically is just a postcard" will accrue.

So much happens in a minute.

Internet Users Send 204 Million Emails Per Minute

Here are worldwide traveling habits and patterns.

Study: Global Travel to Increase in 2014

Here's what makes Batman's Batsuit so durable.

How Unbreakable Is Batman's Armor?

The average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year.

Average U.S. Office Worker Uses 10,000 Sheets of Paper Per Year

Here are some of the famous fictional headquarters of our favorite heroes.

35 Secret Hideouts of Fictional Heroes

13 Gross Things We Do Every Day.

13 Super Gross Things You Do Every Day

Here's the data of data breaches.

  • ACE Data Recovery

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Do you know all the write-offs you can get on your tax returns? Don't let your small business miss out!

Small Businesses, Don't Overlook These Tax Write-Offs