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Tech & Gadgets

  • 1,465 Pins

Forget about 3D-printing: with this pen, it's all about 3D-drawing.

With Creopop, 3D Drawing is Cool, Messy Fun

Never lose your phone or your keys again!

Motorola Keylink helps you track down lost keys

Motorola Keylink is a Bluetooth-enabled device that helps you track down your lost keys, phone, or almost anything else you attach it to.

Motorola Keylink helps you track down lost keys

Old keyboard turned into a planter

Prankster Turns Coworker's Filthy Keyboard Into Planter

The Bebop drone can fly, hover in the air, and take off and land smoothly without assistance. It also has a HD 186-degree camera on its nose so you can capture the world around you.

Parrot’s Bebop drone is a speed demon

Never drink and drive. This breathometer will help you regulate your alcohol intake.

20 boozy gifts for your alcohol-loving friends

Here's everything you need to know about drones.

An animated history of drones

Lose something? These tiny Bluetooth StickNFind stickers will find it!

Lose Something? These Tiny Stickers Will Find It

The Nanopatch is a small vaccine applicator that gets rid of the pain of needles.

Amazon just introduced new features in its Android app that enable shopping directly from Android Wear smartwatches like the Moto 360.

The Nokia N1 is an Android tablet that looks almost exactly like the iPad mini.

Nokia's N1 Android tablet is a dead ringer for the iPad mini

The Nutshell is a portable one-person napping pod with an iPod jack.

Nappers Rejoice! the Nutshell is the ultimate sleep pod

IBM Verse, IBM's new social collaboration tool that reinvents email.

IBM wants to reinvent email, too

The MICA bracelet receives texts and call notifications, as well as alerts from Google (including Google Calendar), Facebook and even restaurant recommendations from Yelp.

The K5 robot is designed to detect anomalous behavior, such as someone walking through a building at night, and report back to a remote security center.

Robots could soon replace human security guards
  • Christian

    It looks like a cross between Eve from Wall-E and a Dalek

  • urbbody

    Ha! It really does! I hope it doesn't have a gun.

Not only can the EcoXGear EcoStone Bluetooth survive being wet, it can also float on water and will still work even when under three feet underwater.

EcoXGear EcoStone: A Bluetooth speaker for survivalists [REVIEW]

Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell car, Mirai.

Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell car 'Mirai' coming to America in 2016

The Shield Tablet is the most powerful Android tablet on the market. The stunning full HD display and front-facing speakers combined with that power make it the perfect media player.

Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell car, the Toyota Mirai.

Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell car 'Mirai' coming to America in 2016

Multifunctional cell phone accessory

Multifunctional cell phone accessory | Top Creative Works

A 24 ct. gold iPad air.

Adobe's new Bluetooth-based iPad stylus, the Ink and Slide.

A visualization of Frank Swain's walk past various Wi-Fi networks.

This man can hear Wi-Fi