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Tips on what to put in your photo book. This is pretty awesome.

I can't believe how simple this sounds, Heck of alot cheaper than getting them made:) DIY canvas photos... super easy!

How to crochet simple stars! maybe i will make a ton of these and sew them together to make a starfish encrusted blanket for an ocean themed baby room!

Use Sharpie to write on the washer, bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

How to clean off the you can then get crafty with the container, of course. what every crafter must know

Wax Seal Monogram Reversible Lace Necklace - Use salt dough and stamp

Martha Stewart's recipe for homemade chalk board paint. Wow. And in any color.

Make baskets out of cardboard boxes and twine. Great idea. Large baskets are so expensive. SERIOUSLY GENIUS!!

Soak steel wool in apple cider vinegar, rub down new wood with the soaked steel wool for an instantly aged wood look. Good to know for "vintage" signs.

cornstarch and baking soda recipe - looks better than salt dough

4 Simple DIY Baby Projects, including homemade gauze blankets (which are so expensive at the store!). Amazing nursing shawl too