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A fun way to start the year- play a game, review old rhythms and even assess where the kids are.

Floating Down the River: School Bus Rhythms: Games and Assessment

Make any video your lesson with - This free website is amazing! You can crop a video to show just what you need, you can add your own voice to explain the video, and you can even add quiz questions during the video! WOW!

activities for kids hand clapping games


Rhythm Game: "Busted!" Pull a stick from the jar, clap its rhythm. Pull another stick, clap both rhythms. Continue cumulatively. If you pull the "busted" stick, you have to put all yours back. Kid with most at the end wins.

Stay Tuned!: Busted! An awesomely fun DIY music game!

A history of western music illustrated on a whiteboard while example clips play

App of the week: Notate Me. My 7-year-old demonstrates how to handwrite music notation on the iPad and see it transformed into digital "printed" music. www.midnightmusic...

App of the Week: NotateMe | Midnight Music

Lots of resources for the elementary music class--worksheets, quizzes and lesson ideas!

Elementary Music Resources

Mrs. King's Music Room: Back to School with Newspaper Dancing

Mrs. King's Music Room: Back to School with Newspaper Dancing

Blog with weekly elementary music lessons

Tuesday Music | Weekly Lessons for Elementary Music Education

How to Become a Better 21st Century Teacher Infographic | e-Learning Infographics via Larry Ferlazzo

Schooling Around the World Infographic | e-Learning Infographics

March from The Nutcracker and 1 beat rhythms: a practice in form (and foam!)

What do you do when children in your preschool or kindergarten class don't like to sing fun songs?

Music Listening Worksheets, Level One (for purchase, but looks really good)

Music Listening Worksheets, Level One

Free Boomwhackers® Staff Note Chart

Free Boomwhackers® Staff Note Chart

More advanced - note identification. Words on the staff! Challenging fun! Use as sub plans - check out the bundle!!!

Note Reading - Music Assessment #4 Lines/Spaces