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2D Shape Worksheets

Here is a selection of our 2D shape worksheets for elementary kids.

Reflect and plot sheet 2

Reflect and plot coordinates sheet 1 - reflect the shapes and plot the new coordinates

Plot coordinates sheet 4 1st quadrant

Coordinate Worksheets

coordinate worksheets - plot and write coordinates sheet 2

Coordinate worksheets 1st quadrant - plot and write coordinates

Coordinate Worksheets

Shape Worksheets for kids Shade the Triangles

Free Shape Worksheets Kindergarten

Kindergarten Geometry worksheets - Shade the Squares Sheet 2 - different orientations

Free Shape Worksheets Kindergarten

Shape Worksheets printable Count the Circles 1

Free Shape Worksheets Kindergarten

Shape Matching for Kindergarten Match the Shape 2

Printable Shape Worksheets Match the Shape Sheet 1 - matching simple shapes

Free Shape Worksheets Kindergarten

Tracing Shape Worksheets - Trace the Shapes Sheet 6

Shape Tracing Worksheets Kindergarten

Free shape worksheets for kindergarten Trace the Shape 1

Shape Tracing worksheets - Trace the Shape 2

kindergarten geometry worksheets - Name and Trace sheet 1

Printable Shape Worksheets Name and Trace Sheet 2

Shape tracing worksheets Trace the Shape Sheet 5

2d Shape Worksheets Sally Salamander

Angle Measuring 3, measuring acute and obtuse angles

Triangle Classification 2

Regular Polygons unlabelled

Identify Triangles and Circles, first grade geometry sheet

Draw 2D shapes, printable geometry worksheets 1st grade

First Grade Geometry

Identify Simple 2D Shapes, 1st grade geometry worksheet

Identify Triangles, printable geometry worksheets 2nd grade

Identify 2D Shapes, basic geometry worksheets 2nd grade

Second Grade Geometry