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5th Grade Math Worksheets

Here is a selection of our printable math worksheets, math games and math resources for 5th grade.

PEMDAS rule - Order of Operations Sheet 1 - a useful sheet to help you introduce the PEMDAS rule.

PEMDAS rule & Worksheets

Order of Operations Sheet 2 - for children who are already familiar with the PEMDAS rule.

PEMDAS rule & Worksheets

PEMDAS Challenges 1 - a useful sheet to extend your more able 5th grade students.

PEMDAS Challenges 2 - a great sheet for challenging more able students with the PEMDAS rule.

5th Grade Math Puzzles - Make 10. A decimal addition puzzle where you have to find pairs of sets of 3 numbers which add up to 10.

Number Maze Target 100. A 5th grade number puzzle which uses all 4 operations and trial and improvement strategies to exit the maze with a total of 100.

Printable Math Puzzles 5th Grade

Ordering decimals to 3 decimal places sheet 3

Ordering Decimals to 3dp

Quadrilateral Area Worksheet, fifth grade geometry worksheet

Trapezoid Area Worksheet, printable shape worksheets 5th grade

Math Practice Worksheets

Angles in a Triangle, geometry math worksheets 5th grade

5th Grade Geometry

Angles Around a Point, math geometry worksheets 5th grade