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Photo of the “Llullaillaco Maiden”, a 15 year old girl sacrificed during the Inca Empire for both purposes of religious rite and social control. She was chosen a year prior to her death, fed a ritualistic diet for an approximate twelve months to make her gain weight, then was drugged and left on the shrine at Volcano Llullaillaco, where she was left to die of exposure. For five hundred years, her body had been preserved at 82 ft. She is considered to be the best preserved Andean mummy uncovered.

150 million year old dinosaur footprint in Texas - Imgur

The excavation of the ancient city of Zeugma, near the town of Nizip in Gaziantep Province, has uncovered some remnants of sculptures, coins, mosaics and more. Most of this year’s work took place on a hill known as Belkıs Tepe. “We found some parts of cult-related sculptures on Belkıs Tepe. … Many remnants of sculptures were unearthed,” Görkay said.

Baltic amber containing a small snake

thylacosmilus (pouch sabre) skull.

THE SAGAN SERIES - The Pale Blue Dot - YouTube Fantastic short video about Earth from a photo by Voyager 1

A trail of footprints probably left by Australopithecus afarensis individuals some 3.5 million years ago, at Laetoli, northern Tanzania.

Blue smithsonite in rhombohedral crystals (Tsumeb Mineral Gallery, Houston Museum of Natural Science)

Rubellite Tourmaline, Quartz, and Lepidolite on Albite

Spodumene (Var: Kunzite) :: Archived Urucum mine (Tim mine; Córrego do Urucum pegmatite), Galiléia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The Burgess Shale in British Columbia contains very old (~550 million years ago), very rare fossils of very early organisms. This is Haplophrentis. The function of the pair of short spines is unknown but the creature was tiny, just a few centimeters in length (hint 2.5 cm = 1 inch, more or less).

Helix Ramondi land snail fossil. Its shell is opalized in Lussatite with light blue fluorescence. From Dallet, Puy-de-Dome, Auvergne, France

Mineral Stained Cliff - Lake Superior

Malachite: Cu2(CO3)(OH)2. Shaba, Congo

Smithsonite stalactite section / Lavrion Mines, Greece