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FREE today (reg 4.99) Sentence Builder for Special Needs Children

FREE app 7/20/14 (reg 1.99): Dragon and Wolf - An Interactive Children`s Book

FREE ebook app Three Little Pigs - A Play (reg 4.99) 7/18/14 "“Three Little Pigs – A Play” is a totally interactive story for ages four and up."

FREE ebook app (reg 1.99) The Really Groovy Story of the Tortoise and the Hare 7/18/14 "Kids will love to move and groove with this dynamic duo as they hop and pop towards the finish line in this hip-hopping retelling of the classic tale."

FREE ebook app (reg 3.99) Possibilitree 7/18/14 "A story for children and for grown-ups who have forgotten how to be. The PossibiliTree grows from the idea that every life is a story"

FREE ebook app The Legend of Momotaro reg (5.99) 7/18/14 "The famous legend of Momotaro is brought to life with beautiful handcrafted illustrations, animations and narration."

FREE app Sentence Builder (reg 4.99) This is a great app I use often in my Kindergarten class - 7/18/14

FREE app Dec 2 (reg 4.99) Banana Cat Preschool for iPad - teach your little children about animals, music and vehicles

FREE app Dec 2 (reg 3.99) Banana Cat Storybook for iPad - Cheesecake Learns to Drive

FREE app Dec 2 (reg 2.99) ABC Alphabet Phonics Plus for Toddlers

FREE app Dec 2 (reg 2.99) ABC Alphabet Phonics Order

This great app is currently FREE (reg 3.99) Documenting Reading and Writing with Doodlecast App

FREE app Nov 22: The Boy Who Cried Wolf: HelloStory

FREE app Nov 22: Colors Memory Match! Color Learning Game for Kids

FREE app Nov 22: Annie's Picking Apples 2 is a fun app for kids to help them practice counting from 1 to 20, motivate them to read in 4 languages (english, spanish, french and german),

FREE app Nov 22: Build and Play 3D - Rockets, Helicopters, Submarines and More

FREE app Nov 22:Bogga Alphabet- Explore the English alphabet with this critically acclaimed kids app for learning letters and sounds now! Fun, bright and intuive!

FREE app Nov 22: Peekaboo: Find Hidden Fun UFO Characters

FREE app Nov 22: Jörgits & the End of Winter is an interactive children’s novel about a group of aliens whose planet is becoming too cold for them.

FREE app Nov 20 (reg 0.99) ABC Interactive Flash Cards

FREE app Nov 20 (reg 4.99) PURPLE FROG is an interactive children's book with original artwork and voice narration that will draw kids into a magical world while teaching them to read, speak and spell properly.

FREE app Nov 20 (reg 2.99) ungle Jam encourages performing music and exploring a fully interactive world filled with colorful bananas, flying toucans, giggling suns and bouncing baby monkeys