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The official statement by President Nixon to be read in case the astronauts were stranded on the Moon - July 18, 1969

Lauren Bacall sits on top of a piano as Vice President Harry Truman plays, February 10 1945

Vice President Nixon arguing with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, 1959

Niagara Falls dammed for maintenance, 1969

Reddit founders Steve Huffman & Alexis Ohanian talk about how it all began

A small plan from 1921

Teddy Roosevelt and his "Rough Riders" atop San Juan Hill... July 1898

Gerald Ford with his dog Liberty in the Oval Office

A 32m-high Holocaust memorial constructed on the site of the Ninth Fort at Kaunas (Lithuania, 1983)

The U.S. Military Unloading a Nazi "Wonder Weapon", Prototype Stealth Fighter - 1945.

Standing in a section of spillway tubing, Hoover Dam, circa 1935

Abyss - Abandoned Construction of Nuclear Power Plant.

Howard Carter flanked by assistants as they view the sarcophagus of Egyptian King Tutankhamen for the first time, Egypt, January 3 1924

The state funeral of Sir Winston Churchill - London, Jan 30 1965

1949 poem - ode to the Welfare State