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Christmas Traditions

The holiday season is a hurried time of year. Reconnect with traditions from your past or find some new authentic traditions that will inspire the holiday spirit.

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Christmas Traditions

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Breakfast Brunches, Breakfast Ideas, Recipe, Gingerbread Waffles, Eating, Baking, Christmas Mornings, Alaska Christmas, Food Drinks

Gingerbread Waffles - Alaska from Scratch

Driftwood TREE Mobile Beach Decor Christmas TREE Nautical Decor Holiday Tree Christmas Tree Pacific Northwest Cottage Decor #luvocracy #design #holiday

DIY idea :: Christmas wreath

Christmas Time, Chalkboards, Cozy Living Room, Living Rooms, Side Tables, Christmas Decor Ideas, Chalk Boards, Holiday Decor, Christmas Trees

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Holiday Housewalk Tour - Finding Home

Santa's Little Helper: Cinnamon, Ginger and Cranberry Infused bourbon with sprite

Aunt Peaches: Santa's Little Helper


Christmas Tree in a Crate

Christmas Tree in a Crate - Favorite Photoz

DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

Mini Tree Advent Calendar

Mini Tree Advent Calendar + Free Template

Hand Painted Christmas Christmas Display we do in our house each year. Photo by @mattknisely • Instagram

A new tradition for this year, Chocolate-Espresso Chiffon Cake

Elegant and Easy Cake Recipes

Ginger Carrot Cake

Elegant and Easy Cake Recipes

A classic British tradition we do year round, Sunday Beef Rib Roast

Our Best Christmas Dinner Menus
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Spice-Rubbed Ham with Apple-Maple Sauce

Our Best Christmas Dinner Menus
  • ✿ вαвч gírl ღ tínα ✿

    @Treasures by Brenda, it's interesting to learn of other's traditions. Ham used to be the only thing we ever had for Christmas and always a pork roast for New Year's. It was only in recent years that we added turkey to the Christmas menu. When the family grew, we had to expand on the offerings so we now have ham + turkey.

  • Linda Menczel

    Oh yes, we always have ham for Christmas too. Along with the Turkey. Love the Honey Bake or West Virginia Hams! We do a Pork Tenderloin for New Years.

  • Treasures By Brenda

    It all sounds good to me!

  • Discover Loving2Learn

    Apple-Maple sauce, sounds fantastic!

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How to Make Inexpensive Traditional Pine Cone Tree Ornaments

How to Make Inexpensive Pine Cone Tree Ornaments
  • Cynthia Alsup

    I tried this last yr. but found it really hard to screw in the eye hook. The pine cone center is hard and drilling was too much trouble.

  • Denise McWhorter

    I made used a small nail to tap a hole into the ends of large pinecones that I hung with jute (3 total), added a bow and used for a door or bannister. Sold some at a craft sale also.

Paper-Chain Garland

Paper Garland - Christmas Paper Craft - Good Housekeeping

Create a Christmas Ornament Box for Your Child as a Lasting Family Heritage and Keepsake.

  • Carol Hettick

    My Mother-in-law started putting an ornament on the packages beginning with my boys 1st Christmas. The practice grew and grew. Soon we would look for special ornaments depicting their interests or events and gave ornaments as gifts. Each year they would put their own ornaments on the tree. one set on each side of the tree. They were stored in separate boxes. When they married and left home, they each took their box with them. They had a very good start for their first tree. I remember we were only able to afford a few special ornaments that are still on the tree, 42 yrs. later, and borrowed the rest.

  • Discover Loving2Learn

    New grandbaby this year, great idea!

  • Ann White

    My family asks each child to choose what kind of Christmas tree they want when they turn 13. Every Christmas after that they receive purchased and handmade ornaments that fit their theme. By the time they move out they have enough ornaments to decorate a tree. My daughter choose pastel Victorian, one of my nephews choose metal ornaments and mercury glass.

  • Colette Tihista-Longin

    I started this with my four...I had large wooden boxes made for each of them and started a theme for each, then painted the box to correspond. For instance, one has snowmen, one has Santa, another nutcrackers and the last Christmas trees. It's always a fun time trying to find the ornament! This year i wanted to incorporate Schnauzers, since we got a puppy this year...I even found a nutcracker schnauzer! Anyhow, a nice keepsake to treasure forever.

  • Cheryl DeBeer

    What a wonderful idea

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If you send to address by Dec 10th, that you can get a REAL postmarked letter from the North Pole from the USPS? - Instructions by clicking the pin.

North Pole Postmark Cancellation
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Focus little ones on OTHERS during the month of Christmas- over 50 acts of kindness. What a fantastic idea to help keep CHRIST in Christmas...thinking of others!

  • CHUNTI02

    You definitely have the right heart. My daughters and I have also adopted a family in need every CHRISTmas & bought gifts for them instead of us & bought them Christmas dinner from one of the markets... God gave...

  • Penny Donovan

    Wonderful that we have a time of year where we focus on others and not ourselves.

  • Sarah Stern

    love this idea.

  • Gina Escober

    Pure Brilliance!!! Thank you for sharing this idea. Wishing many blessing this Holiday Season.

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Stove top Christmas scent! One batch stays good for weeks, you just add water and heat it on low whenever you want it

The Smells of the Season

Awesome new tradition. Last year's Christmas cards? This year's gift tags!

LaraBelle's image
  • Nicola Thomson

    been doing this since I was a over 50 years!!!!

  • Susan Faye mom did this 50 years ago too! She was just being thrifty-- little did she know that she was being eco-cool too!

  • Nicola Thomson

    exactly..think thats why my mum taught me, have never bought a Xmas tag!!

  • Rose Johnson

    I always reuse cards from the year before! So much fun!

  • Deb Holt

    when I was a kid my mom had us write thank you notes for our christmas gifts on cards made from old christmas cards!

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Christmas Eve Luminaries

Christmas Eve Luminaries {tradition} - Tip Junkie

Mulled Cider Shortbread Bars

Dessert Recipe: Mulled Cider Shortbread Bars - EverythingMom