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Passion for Pits

In late August, 367 pit bulls were seized the 2nd largest dog fighting bust in history. Just as sickening as the images of emaciated and abused dogs and puppies is the fact that the suspects face, at most, a meager five year sentence for their heinous and sociopathic acts.

Peaches, a certified therapy dog who helped those suffering emotionally following the Boston Marathon bombing.

Stella was rescued during a drug bust in Michigan. She was completely worn down from cruel treatment and too many litters. Now she lives a much calmer, happier life, and even poses for magazine cover shoots.

Patrick is a pitbull who was found in a trash chute, emaciated and clinging to life. With the help of Garden State Veterinary Specialists, he has made an incredible recovery.

The Incredible Story Of Patrick The Pitbull | WeKnowMemes
  • Theresa Ocds

    Oh my gosh the poor thing. Thank goodness for dedicated workers. Reminds me of our pittie rescue who was 35 lbs. when we fostered him and now is a romping 75 lbs.! Did this sweetheart find a home yet? (Is Garden State in New Jersey?)

  • Carol Lee Camacho

    I just can't on how cruel people are to animals. Bless him and all the people that helped and cared for him. It's amazing to see the progress he made and the last picture warms my heart. ♥

  • MB Saussez

    Cela est extraordinaire de la patience que les personnes ont eux pour soigniez cette pauvre bête.Encore Bravo

  • Jas

    To the jerk(s) who think of doing this to their pets, consider dropping them off at the doorstep of a shelter instead. This is despicable. For every one of you that abandons their pet there is someone out there who will makeup for it. Rest assured.

As a freight train barreled toward her unconscious owner who had fallen onto the tracks, Lilly pulled frantically and managed to move her owner to safety. Her owner was unharmed, but Lilly got struck by the train and ended up losing a leg. Today, Lilly is a breed ambassador, changing public perceptions and negative stereotypes about this loyal and loving breed.

Lilly Gallery | Lilly the Hero Pit Bull

In the late 19th century, pitbulls were thought to be the perfect nanny dog due to their loyalty and protectiveness.

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