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Art - The Darker Side

Always look under the bed...or never...ever look under the bed...

Across Britain, Brittany and Ireland (possibly originating from Wales), the Lob are attracted by arguments, fights and other acts of violence, sadness, tension and hurt. They may also linger awhile at scenes of war, murder, gruesome accidents and protracted sickness. The Lob are commonly invisible, though their presence can often be sensed rather than seen.

Also known as: Death, The Grim Reaper, Old Father Time, Azrael, The Dark Angel, The Angel of Death, Sammael, Mortis, Mors Head, Mors, Death’s-Head, Harvester of Sorrow, The Graveyard Watcher, Aed, The Graveyard Guardian, Donn, Da Derga, Aericura, The Great Leveller, Jack O‘ The Shadows. Ankou or Donn was the Celtic personification of Death. Though death often comes unseen, he would also frequently appear as

Phantoms & Hauntings