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Brain-based research shows that there are major differences between boys and girls in terms of reasoning and brain developmentfollow, which leads to differences in general understanding of concepts as well as test-taking abilities.

The Learning Curve for Boys: Is it Different?

What to do with water beads... So many fun ideas! Have you tried water beads with your kids yet?

What to do with Water Beads - The Artful Parent

What to Feed Teenage Boys to Keep Them Full and Happy - 20+ tips, tricks and lunch ideas .

What to Feed Teenage Boys to Keep Them Full and Happy

Weather chart. Everyday look outside and put the arrow where it belongs (cloudy, sunny, snowy, rainy). Sing a fun little song while doing it too! Weather Song: (to the tune of london bridges) Whats the weather like today? Like today? Like today? Whats the weather like today? On this Wednesday? (fill in the day of the week)

Little Gene Green Bean: printables

Color By Number Preschool Worksheets

Color By Number Preschool Worksheets - Mamas Learning Corner

The Boys Body Book: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU - By: Kelli Dunham Illustrated By: Steve Bjorkman

Build your own garage- I made this awhile ago and my kids loved it!! They played with it for a long time :)

Cereal Box Parking Garage - Frugal Fun For Boys

Just a box of rocks. So simple, but so fun. i keep forgetting i want to do this

Kids Home Made Arts and Crafts by Pink and Geen Mama

Lots of gross motor activities for kids that are constantly on the move

40 Gross Motor Activities to Get Your Kids Moving!

The best kid books for 4-6 year olds

Stay at Home-ista: Best Kid Books ages 4-6

To move hand when cutting: to teach hand placement /movement when cutting. Space out stickers along the edge of a paper and instruct to cut and move non dominant hand to one sticker at a time from bottom to top.

Simple Cutting « Miss Mancy's Blog

Smart! Teach a child to tie their shoes using a jump rope so they can see a larger view of what is happening.

Montessori For Learning: Tying Shoelaces

POST THIS BY THE EXIT DOOR~ This cute downloadable would make a fun mini-display at the school's main exit door where teachers dismiss their students!

Small Banner Photo by prec0ci0us | Photobucket

Stuffed Shirts (for when they grow out of their jerseys)....LOVE THIS IDEA

Sweet Bee Buzzings: Stuffed Shirts

10 Toddler and Little Kid Breakfast ideas

10 Toddler and Little Kid Breakfast Ideas - The Seasoned Mom

Start to finish kids plate. Work your way through dinner to uncover the treat at the end!

Start to Finish Kids Plate