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From letters to numbers to shapes to faces, these free printable play doh mats will keep your kids occupied for hours!

9 free printable Play Doh learning mats for kids

Kid’s Morning Routine Chart. Use this chart to reinforce four simple behaviors with your child. The routine can be done before or after breakfast, whichever comes more naturally for your family. Reward your child with a sticker each day he completes his routine successfully. After five or ten consecutive days of success, celebrate with high-fives and a special treat.

Free printable kid’s morning routine chart

Perfect collection of YouTube music videos for a day where kids are stuck inside *My kids will love the Frozen video with Jimmy Fallon

Creative Music Videos for Kids

10 Science Experiments for Preschoolers ~ Creative Family Fun - tornado in a bottle, stages of matter, make a cloud, siphon water, how sound is made, diet coke & mentos, how water travels through a plant

10 Science Experiments for Preschoolers

Brain-based research shows that there are major differences between boys and girls in terms of reasoning and brain developmentfollow, which leads to differences in general understanding of concepts as well as test-taking abilities.

The Learning Curve for Boys: Is it Different?