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my favorite things

To add red to the theme we sprinkled rose petals around the table arrangements.

anything with flowers are my favorite things

Anderson Cooper

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  • Denise Allen

    No, being gay does not affect your sexiness or who you are as a person. Just thought I would throw that fact out there because he just made the announcement and thought some of you girls didnt know.

  • Mercedes Charity

    He is still sexy. True that

  • Ally Babineaux

    Is that Steve Erwin in the back ground??

  • Ally Babineaux

    Oops not Steve Erwin.... The other animal guy

  • Maybelle Moore

    I missed Anderson's show today...if they (Directv) pull him, I'm going to have a fit like a baby.....won't be pretty as I'm a grandma!

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always in the mood for a delicious cup of coffee

ballons make me feel happy

so true