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5 to 50 ab workout.

5 to 50 Ab Workout

7 easy steps to becoming a runner

kettle bell/dumbell workouts... I did this with my trainer and its great!! -

Total Body Toning With Kettlebells

20-20-20-kettlebell-workout: Complete 5 rounds of the following as quickly as you can without sacrificing proper form. Keep track of your time and try to beat it the next time you do this workout. Adding a little competition to the mix (even if it’s against yourself) always helps you push harder

Personal trainer, Gyms, Coaching, fitness equipment [CUTE GIRLS]

8 Kettlebell Exercises That'll Sculpt Your Entire Body

8 Kettlebell Exercises That'll Sculpt Your Entire Body

It is so important as a parent that we are intentional about teaching our children the truth of God’s Word and guiding them to become rooted. Here are 5 FUN ideas for teaching your children the Bible today!

5 Family Fun Ideas for Teaching Your Child the Bible

30-Minute Kettlebell HIIT Workout with Finisher

30-Minute Kettlebell HIIT Workout with Finisher

New Treadmill Workout! The majority of my workouts are 60 minutes, but for those of you who don’t have time for an hour on the treadmi...

Fit Personality

Cardio Boot Camp #Workout

Exercise Protects the Heart from Injury via Nitric Oxide

Swing & Sweat Workout

Swing & Sweat Kettlebell Workout

Amazing Snaps: 30-Minute Kettlebell Workout

Upper Body Kettlebell Workout -- targets shoulders, upper back, chest and arms.

Diary of a Fit Mommy: Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

Here are some exercises that you can do to help make running easier. Doing these will strengthen the muscles specific to running, and help make each run a little easier.

6 Exercises You Can Do To Make Running Easier

The ultimate playlist for runners who are trying to increase speed

Pinner says: My favorite run lately! Torch almost 400 calories in 32 minutes: Run at speed 7 for one minute, walk on 15 incline speed 4 for 3 minutes. Repeat 8 times. Also will keep your body burning fat long after you've finished working out. Intervals are actually better than running for a straight period of time!

Carrie Underwood's leg workout.....I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS EVERYWHERE!

7 tips to help you start running via@bustledotcom

Victory Fitness: Three miles in 30 days running program

35 minute treadmill HIIT workout