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My Heart Map. Students create a heart map in their writer's notebook as inspiration for their writing. 3 important people, 3 hobbies, 3 important places, 3 memories, and 3 important things. They will always have something to write about for a personal narrative.

What a wonderful idea, display showing the meaning of suffix. Could easily be used to plenty of different suffixes and prefixes.

Ask better questions...get better answers! This free Question Ring can prompt you to ask more powerful questions in your classroom.

Fern Smith's #Freebie Vowel Sorting Short a & Long a Center Games and Interactive Notebook Activities! #Teacher #Reading www.FernSmithsCla...

Gifted & talented, enrichment, critical & creative's what I do. Check it out @ www.teacherspayte...

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{{Freebie}} Ttwo nametags on a page- Grade Levels:PreK to 2nd3rd to 5th print on legal paper. This nametag has the following resources: Upper and lowercase letters American coins and values Shapes and colors Clock visual aid Hundred chart greater than/less than visual aid fact family visual aid Manage mat numbers for cooperative learning

Finding Text Evidence - FREEBIE Parent Letter

Kindergarten First Grade: Measure It! Measuring objects Comparing the length of two objects using a third object

1 - 10 Math Sorting Mats - Sorting cards and mats that help students practice different methods of counting.

Dictionary Sheet = Here is a little recording sheet to use in your Vocabulary Center with the Dictionary....