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More like this: recycled garden, bottle trees and garden art.

Small Budget Gardening

Great ideas for cash-strapped garden makers with stuff you have with ideas you can DO.

Roasted Squash Seeds, from How to Garden Advice

Etched Picture Window Tutorial, (link doesn't go directly to tutorial... go to: "Craft How-To's > Garden Crafts > The Butterfly Effect")

this is the coolest onion ever - it sprouts at the top of the stalk and droops over and starts growing a new stalk in the soil. for info on how to garden and grow things to eat, click on link to blog with lots of pictures and how to.

growing cauliflower. I planted this back on Christmas Eve and just noticed a head in my garden. For how to garden, check out blog link. plans and pictures too! Melanie @ RaisedUrbanGarden... grow your own food - it's the best!

Zinnias and sunflowers 0 Easy from seed!

Instead of the usual creeping herbs or mosses, this homeowner planted lettuce between the patio pavers! Learn more at Sunset

green beans growing in my garden. how to garden and grow green beans on link. they love to climb!

Ruth Stout's Garden...she will show you how to garden with little work and have to see this!

love the natural rock landscaping via St. Gregory's Landscaping

Easy Homemade Windmill Plans For Wind Power - Preparing For SHTF This is easy an it works!!!!

Strawberries in a basket - lets you enjoy fresh berries every year without having to have the space to keep them from year to year. Fertilize like crazy all season, buy new plants next year.

How to Make a Decorative Pond From Old Tires

Because every little girl should know how to make a crown of wild flowers . . .

Organic Vegetable Garden Tip

  • Gus McCologie

    I put them in the blender, strain and use a spray bottle to apply to the foundation of my house. I had neighborhood cats using the mulch that is very dry b/c of the overhang, as litter... it works really well! -I refresh about once a week to ten days. And no noticeable scent to humans.

WONDER WHAT TO SOW WHEN to get homegrown transplants ready for the vegetable garden? I like Margaret's "lumping method". It's a very simple “lumping” method, where I group all my seeds into three groups rather than try to remember every last detail of what happens when.

Broccoli is well worth growing, as it is attractive, interesting, and especially tasty and nutritious when freshly harvested.

How to plant and grow asparagus. Once established, this perennial vegetable plant produces tender asparagus spears every spring for 12 to 25 years.

vegetable garden. I first saw this method in a national geographic, of a farm , who did 300 acres like this and it stopped pesticide out break, plus companian planting stimulates growth

lue Velvet® Honeyberry Plant – Fruit Trees & Plants – Beloved in Europe and Asia for centuries but almost unknown here, Honeyberry is a relative of the Honeysuckle with sweet, succulent, VERY edible fruit resembling blueberries. A shade-lover, it bears lovely white flowers in spring, followed in early summer

Belgian Fence, an espalier style for fruiting trees - 11 types of apple trees make a 100foot fence!!!!! SOOOOO totally cool!!!!!!!! Can I do this? (not 100 feet though)

How to espalier a tree -- Train fruiting trees, vines and bushes for a bountiful harvest in tight spaces. Good article with year-by-year pruning instructions.